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In 2022 Ukrainian Film Academy, in cooperation with Netflix, announced a “Grant Program: script development and exclusive online sessions with international film industry experts” to help artists in Ukraine and all over the world who have been affected or displaced by the war to continue and develop their work.

The program offered:

  • 48 project teams of two, made up of a scriptwriter and producer, received $15 000** each to develop a script for their project. In addition to the Grant, at the end of the Program, the scripts were translated into English. The translation was facilitated by the Ukrainian Film Academy.

  • A series of exclusive online sessions with international industry experts.

  • At the beginning of 2023, the Grant recipients were offered additional financial support in the form of a one-time travel grant of $1 000 U.S. per team (in UAH equivalent) to present their projects at international festivals and film markets.

  • Throughout 2023, the script development Grant recipients will continue to receive support through a group session to discuss the shape of the industry landscape plus 1:1 script doctoring and project development sessions covering financing, co-producing, marketing, distribution and festival strategies, delivered by the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs.

The following projects were accepted for participation in the Program:

  • Original fiction feature films

  • Original fiction series

  • Documentary projects (including series and films)

Ukrainian Film Academy’s applications were evaluated by a team of leading Ukrainian experts: Nataliia Strybuk (producer), Olesia Lukianenko (creative producer), Serhii Zlenko (national representative of Ukraine in Eurimages), Alik Shpyliuk (film expert, art director of Ukrainian Film Academy), Oleksii Hladushevskyi (producer, screenwriter), Serhii Bukovskyi (documentarian), Daria Bassel (producer, director of the industry platform of Docudays UA), Alina Horlova (director and screenwriter), and Hennadii Kofman (producer, member of the Board and Selection Council of Docudays UA).


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