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A family with three children films their experience at the beginning of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and their journey in search of a safe place. The experience of living in different countries, the experience of separation from loved ones who remain under occupation, and the experience of meeting with family and friends who managed to escape to the territories controlled by Ukraine and later abroad. The experience of nostalgia that you desperately wish to turn into the joy of returning home. The experience of growing up.



DARIA AVERCHENKO, scriptwriter

Daria Averchenko studied at the Faculty of Journalism at the Kyiv International University. She received postgraduate education at the Free University of Berlin. Daria worked as a journalist for the publication Weekly Mirror, TV channel K1, and TV Phoenix (Berlin), and led the Ukrainian version of the German TV channel, Da Vinci Learning. She is a member of the Union of Journalists.

Since 2007, she has written scripts for features and documentaries.

For 14 years, Daria has been a member of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Festival selection committee and a fiction and documentary film producer. Her best-known projects, such as Radunytsya, Euromaidan. Rough cut, DIXIE LAND, Ukrainian Sheriffs, and Volcano, are also the winners of numerous international film festivals.


Roman Bondarchuk is a film director who created several festival and television films that were screened worldwide. His most well-known films are Ukrainian Sheriffs, Euromaidan. Rough cut and Volcano, the latter won the Taras Shevchenko National Prize.

Roman’s documentary feature film, Ukrainian Sheriffs, received a special mention at IDFA in 2015 and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film by the Ukrainian Oscar Committee. His second documentary feature film, DIXIE LAND (2016), premiered at the Full Frame Film Festival in the US and won the award for Best Ukrainian Film at the Odesa IFF.

Roman is also an art director and a member of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Festival selection committee. In 2014, Roman produced a cycle of documentary short films, Euromaidan. Rough cut, about the civic initiatives that emerged during the Maidan. Since 2019, he has been a member of the Ukrainian Oscar Committee.


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