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Successful fashion producer Sofia (27) lives in Pecherskyi District. Young, ambitious, with a high level of emotional intelligence. Sofia appreciates freedom and avoids unnecessary ties: she rents an apartment and chooses free relationships, the question of the family is in the distant future. She is a child of her time, the image of a European woman who would fit organically both in the City of London and the Parus Business Centre in Kyiv.

22.02.22. Sofia has a therapy session. A painful conversation about a mother whose toxic love distorted Sophia's worldview. The girl does not want to speak to her mother, trying to erase her from her life.

23.02.22. The disturbing news are in the background. Sofia denies the war, even when one of her fashion models refuses to fly to Ukraine for security reasons.

The day goes awry. Over an evening cocktail, the past catches up with Sofia. Max is an old true love, the only failed attempt in a serious relationship. They avoided each other for many years. An exchange of random phrases and the always disciplined and calm Sofia finally loses control: Max is far from being a closed chapter for her.

Sofia has aggressive sex with no feelings with a nameless Tinder guy. In the morning, she wakes up alone to explosions. It's war.

24.02.22, morning-afternoon. News about shelling, the phone does not shut up. The friends fill the cars with different stuff and have no room for Sofia. The city froze. No one believed, no one was ready.

02/24/22, evening. Max agrees to take the frightened Sofia to the Polish border. He also hopes to leave the country. But he isn't allowed out. Sofia walks to the border controls. A late call stops her: her brother-officer goes to the front. He leaves his two teenage daughters with their grandmother. Sofia turns around decisively: she will not allow her mother to destroy the lives of her nieces. She gets into Max's car again, they drive in silence to the town of their childhood.

They find themselves in the narrow space of their past, face to face with the bitter memories of old times. Deprived of the usual comfort, they will learn to speak and hear anew, to solve real adult problems: to forgive, to care, and to love sincerely, even in life-threatening conditions. This is a story about how an extreme situation puts characters through challenges, in which they get an opportunity to show themselves as they really are, to understand what they are worth, aspire to, and whether they are capable of becoming better versions of themselves.




Screenwriter, script doctor. She was born on May 10, 1981, in Ukraine, Kyiv. Graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology. She has more than 10 years of experience in journalism (journalist, publishing director of Edipresse Media), more than 5 years of experience in screenwriting. Her work experience includes cooperation with the leading Ukrainian media holdings: Star Media, StarLight Media, 1+1 Media, Media Group Ukraine. Screenwriter projects:

melodrama Down the Rabbit Hole (Ukrainian: «Вглиб кролячою норою») – 8 episodes, 2022, STB;

drama Black Mountain (Ukrainian: «Чорна гора») – 4 episodes, 2022, STB);

social drama Garlic Sauce ( Ukrainian: «Часниковий соус») – short film, 2022;

Melodrama Sunny Days (Ukrainian: «Сонячні дні») – 4 episodes, 2020, STB;

Melodrama You Are Mine (Ukrainian: «Ти мій») – 4 episodes, 2020, TRK Ukraina;

Detective Renunciation (Ukrainian: «Зречення») – 24 episodes, 2020, TRK Ukraina;

Sitcom Hromada (Ukrainian: «Громада») – 24 episodes, 2019, NLO TV;

Melodrama The Foundling (Ukrainian: «Підкидьок») – 4 episodes, 2019, TRK Ukraina;

Youth web series D-side Band – 24 episodes, 2019, YouTube;

Youth series #School – 30 episodes, 2019, 1+1


Education: Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi Theatre, Cinema and Television University, specialization Film critic / Film scholar, 1992.

Work experience:

2020: debut short film Hold Me, created in collaboration with the Ukrainian State Film Agency. Distribution results: the film premiered at Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, was shortlisted for the ARFF Amsterdam International Film Festival award in the Best Director category.

2019: feature film We Are Here We Are Close, created in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. Distribution results: Warsaw Film Festival international competition program.

2019: TV series Cyborgs (4 episodes), created in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. Distribution results: the premiere took place on February 20, 2019, on the ICTV channel.

2017: feature film Cyborgs, created in collaboration with the Ukrainian State Film Agency. Distribution results: Box office: UAH 23,217,909.

International distribution: USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Turkey. Awards: Zolota Dzyga Ukrainian Film Academy Awards, Best Film nomination. Rating on 1+1 TV channel: shr=13.1/12.8

2016: film 87 Children, created in collaboration with the Ukrainian State Film Agency. Distribution results: Box office: UAH 622,627. International distribution: Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland, Austria. Rating on 1+1 TV channel: shr=6.8/8.7


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