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fiction feature film

Semen’s squad is in the combat zone. He has different people under his command. Semen tells a short story about each of them: Pups (Cutie) is a brave mommy’s boy, Kryk (Scream) is an action hero, elderly Lisovyk (Leshy), short-spoken and stern Yenot (Raccoon), sniper Hadyuka (Viper), a true professional in his field. And there is also Vedmid (Bear), the life of the party, true hero and knight.

Some days pass, when Bear’s wife, Zhenya, arrives unexpectedly. They quarrel about him signing up as an army volunteer, but she cannot leave her husband and thus becomes a volunteer, constantly visiting the soldiers and supplying them with everything necessary. From the militants’ side, our forces are terrorized by the captain Rudyi (Red). On top of trench warfare, he wages psychological warfare, trying to throw our fighters off balance, constantly provoking them.

One day, Red sets up a trap for our fighters. Sniper Viper loses his life covering the escape of his brothers-in-arms. Cutie gets wounded. Bear heroically rescues his brethren out of the trap. After a ceasefire was declared to recover the dead and wounded, Red insidiously kills Bear, violating the agreement. Zhenya arrives to collect the body of her husband, and a few months later joins the squad herself. She becomes an excellent soldier, everyone respects her. Zhenya hatches a revenge plan and hunts down Red. She persuades Svyst’s (Whistle’s) reconnaissance group to get Red, and they ultimately succeed. Red declares that he is a prisoner of war and demands to be treated respectfully. Captain Maiak (Beacon) reluctantly accepts the rules, but Zhenya resists against Red’s manipulations and avenges Bear's death. After completing her mission, she confesses her pregnancy.



ANDRII DONCHYK, scriptwriter

Ukrainian film and television director, producer, screenwriter.

Honored Art Worker of Ukraine. Member of the Ukrainian Association of Cinematographers, laureate of the Pylyp Orlyk Prize.

Graduated from the film faculty of Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi Theatre, Cinema and Television University in 1883.

Since 1985, a director at the Dovzhenko Film Studios.

In 1987, worked as an assistant to Peter Fleischmann and Jerzy Hoffman for Hard to Be a God (1988).

In 1991, filmed his full-length debut Oxygen Starvation.

Since 1994, he has been a director of the highest category.

Since 1995, he has acted as the chief director of the TV and radio company Studio Plus.

Since 1996, he has been a director and since 1999, the Chief Director of the “Studio 1+1” TV channel.

Author, director, screenwriter, and producer.


2022: feature film Exchange

2019: children's film Infernal Guidon, or Cossack Christmas

2016: Kinokompaniia LLC, general producer and founder of the company

2010–2015: Profit Production LLC, general producer and founder of the company

Film-musical: How Did Cossacks… (2010)

TV projects:

Evening Quarter (Inter, 1+1), Battle of Choirs (Novyi Kanal), Like Two Drops (TRK Ukraine); I want to join ViaHra (Inter), Make a Comedian Laugh (Inter), Big Difference (IСTV), What? Where? When? (UT1, Inter, 1+1), Fight Club (Inter), Red Bull Flugtag (Novyi Kanal), Red Bull Soapbox Race (Inter), Red or Black (Inter), Beat the Host (Novyi Kanal), Maidan’s (Inter), About Life (Inter), Sunday With the Quarter (Inter), I Love Ukraine (Novyi Kanal), Miss Ukraine 2012, The Heart Will Tell (Novyi Kanal), In-Laws at the Stove (Inter), Opening of the Odesa Film Festival (Novyi Kanal), Music Prize YUNA (Inter), Advice Parade (Novyi Kanal), Night of Gifts (Novyi Kanal), Teletriumph 2011, Opening of NSC Olimpiyskyi and Arena Lviv stadiums, The Blondes’ Show (Novyi Kanal), Show No. 1 (Inter), Star Factory (Novyi Kanal)


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