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The young Bulgarian princess Olga is to marry her peer, the Byzantine Emperor Constantine: the two great powers want to consolidate peace after a series of wars. The future seems bright to Olga: she loves her husband and dreams of ruling together the most brilliant empire on Earth. However, Constantin is overthrown from the throne, and the usurper Roman forcibly marries him to his daughter. The father hastily marries Olga to Ingvar (Igor), the Varangian king of Kyiv: Bulgaria needs an ally against Byzantium. Ingvar is a barbarian and a pagan, a warrior, and a slave trader, he is only interested in military glory and loot; from this marriage, he needs kinship with the Bulgarian king and a dowry. Life in Kyiv is simple and harsh: instead of brilliance and sophistication, Olga faces indifference and humiliation. From the first days, she desperately fights for her rights, for the respect of her husband and for the love of her subjects. But there is something for which she fights even harder. She lost her beautiful world, Ingvar cannot give it to her. Well, then she will recreate this world on her own and make it better than the one that was taken from her. While Constantine and Roman are fighting for power in Byzantium, while in Bulgaria, Olga's brother Petr loses everything his father created in wars and intrigues, Olga frees slaves and builds churches, teaches people literacy and plows fields in Rus, she wants to make barbarian Rus' more beautiful and rich than Byzantium and Bulgaria. Olga fights and, in the end, wins. Even Ingvar cannot resist her masculine mind and feminine heart and falls head over heels for her. Olga, overcoming the abyss between them, reciprocates Ingvar. Together they will build Rus, build the future. Olga will not be stopped by the intrigues of Ingvar's first wife Prekrasa, the attempts of slave traders, the tricks of pagan magicians, or the actions of Governor Sveneld, who dreams of replacing Ingvar on the throne and in Olga's heart. Even the death of Ingvar, treacherously killed by Sveneld, does not stop Olga. She defeats Sveneld and creates a great empire in memory of Ingvar and for the sake of their children.



VALERIY PRIMOST, scriptwriter

Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 1992


2012 Dr. Baby Dust (Ukrainian: «Жіночий лікар»), series. TRK Ukraina. Teletriumf Award.

2013 Tesla's Free Energy (Ukrainian: «Вільна енергія Тесли»), TV film, under a creative pseudonym. Platinum Remi Award, WorldFest Houston.

2015 History of Criminalistics, (Ukrainian: «Історія криміналістики»), series. TRK Ukraina. Nomination for Teletriumf Award.

2017 They Ended the War (Ukrainian: «Вони закінчили війну»), TV film. ICTV

2017 26 Things That Changed Us (Ukrainian: «26 речей, які нас змінили»), TV film, ICTV.

2018 Severyn Nalyvaiko. The Last battle! (Ukrainian: «Северин Наливайко. остання битва!»), docudrama. Winner in the competition organized by the Ministry of Culture.

2019 Kyiv Star (Ukrainian: «Київська зірка»), web series. Kyivstar

2019 Free Money (Ukrainian: «Вільні гроші»), web series. Freedom Finance.

2019 Severyn. Feature film script. The winner of the Ukrainian State Film Agency competition. The new management of the Ministry of Culture canceled the victory.


2017 To Live Dangerous Life. The Lost World (Ukrainian: «Небезпечно жити. Загублений світ»), a series of documentaries. 2+2 TV channel

2019 Kyiv Star (Ukrainian: «Київська зірка»), web series. Kyivstar

2019 Free Money (Ukrainian: «Вільні гроші»), web series. Freedom Finance.


10 books (fiction and nonfiction), as well as a series of lectures on storytelling.

BELLA TERZI, producer

1971 – she was born in Donetsk in a family of Greeks of Pryazovia.

1994 – graduated from Donbas State Technical University, majoring in Applied Mathematics. 1996 – began her career as a line producer in РА B.I.T.A. (Donetsk)

2000 – manager of the television production complex B.I.T.A.

2003 – moved to Kyiv, produced international projects at PSB Films company.

2006 – Executive producer and co-owner of PSB Films.

2020 – Owner and Executive Producer of PSB Films She has 26 years of experience in producing projects not only in Ukraine but also abroad; she also worked with European and American companies. Filmography

2008 Transporter-3, full-length film, Lyons Gate, France. Filming producer in Ukraine

Present – More than 2,000 commercials and films for international clients. LANGUAGE Ukrainian, Russian, fluent English, Greek.


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