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fiction feature film

April 2022, Poland. A middle-aged midwife, Marta, shelters the daughter of her Ukrainian husband. She settles 18-year-old Hanna in her house in a town on the Baltic Sea. Marta has been dreaming of a child for a long time, so she surrounds the girl with love. Unexpectedly, Hanna reciprocates and even starts calling her "mom". A close bond develops between the women. It worries Marta's husband, Volodymyr. When he mentions that it's time for Hanna to return to her mother, Marta refuses to let her go. However, Hanna's behaviour changes soon. She steals Marta's things, locks her room with a key, and scares the couple with a terrifying gaze. Then Hanna announces that her mother, Volodymyr's ex-wife, will join them. But suddenly, it turns out that the woman is dead - she was killed. Marta's life is in danger. Hanna takes her to the old lighthouse, in which a miller's wish-fulfilling ghost lives, according to legend. Hanna asks Marta to cast a spell so that she becomes her mother... The night adventure almost turns into death for both women. When Hanna regains consciousness, she does not remember the events of the past weeks. Doctors diagnose her with memory loss due to psychological trauma. And the examination shows that the girl is pregnant. Hanna's memories are interrupted. The only thing she is sure of is that she is pregnant by her boyfriend, who remained in Ukraine. However, the facts speak otherwise: the girl's mother was found tortured in a house near Kyiv. And Hanna probably endured the occupation with her. What happened to her there? Was she raped? Volodymyr asks Marta to abort his daughter. However, the procedure is prohibited by Polish law, it can only be carried out illegally. Will Marta break the law in a Catholic town where most residents consider abortion a sin? And will she be able to interrupt the child's life when she dreams of giving birth?



IEVHEN TUNIK, scriptwriter

Age 30. Graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts in Journalism. Has worked in TV and film from the age of 19. Started as journalist on format shows, then moved to being a writer, editor in chief and Television Production department manager at STB. In 2019, released his first TV series, Early Swallows, as the author of the original idea, writer and showrunner. The second season of the series was released the following year. The project was well-received by the audience, got a nomination for the Golden Dziga Award and won at PROMAX Europe. In 2022, Ievhen began developing several military-related projects. One of them won the script pitching at the Berlin Series Festival.


15 years of experience in content creation for TV and film. In 2019, becomes the CEO of Novyi Kanal. In December 2019, becomes the co-founder of the Real Picturs Film Company. Manager on many popular projects (My Truth (“Моя правда”), The Biggest Loser (“Зважені та щасливі”), The Bachelor (“Холостяк”), Ukrainian Top Model (“Топ- модель по-українськи”), Exes (“Екси”), Who against the Blondes (“Хто проти блондинок”), and many more). Author and producer of several short films (“Непотрібні люди” (Unneeded People), “Вмираючий лебедь” (The Dying Swan), “Напрокат” (For Rent), “Медея” (Medea). Producer on such popular TV series as Early Swallows (“Перші ластівки”) and New Girl (“Новенька”) (in the Amazon catalogue).


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