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fiction series

The series’ main character, Kira, is fifteen years old. She goes through her teenage rebellious years, has a strict father and a good reputation among her school friends. She falls in love with her classmate Artem. Everything is going well until Kira, wishing to challenge stereotypes and stupid rules set by adults, sends Artem a photo of her naked boobs.

This photo leaks into the school chats and Kira gets bullied by her peers. None of her friends ever imagined that such an innocent joke on social media could lead to problems in real life. Kira doesn’t know what to do, and she stops going to school.

Kira’s friends, Olya and Svitlana, also never thought that the desired popularity on social media would have such pitfalls. While Artem tries to find ways to make up with Kira, and his friends, Sashko and Mykola, do not understand what happened, a publication appears on Kira’s page saying that she’s dead.

We return to the previous month, and each new episode reveals hidden sides of the lives of our main character and her mates, Artem, Sashko, Olya, Mykola, and Svitlana. It turns out that each of them, as well as Kira, went through the process of growing up in their own way, and found themselves in situations that seemed to be a dead-end. But none of them expected that their small mistakes would lead to such a huge tragedy. After Kira’s death, a flash mob has been launched on social. Every schoolgirl and schoolboy posted photos of famous people with naked breasts, works of artists, paintings, sculptures, etc. with the hashtag #toplessphoto to support Kira.

Sometime later, a new video appears on Kira’s page: she says that she’s alive and that social media cannot be a source of trustworthy information.

Artem tries to make everything right and reconcile with Kira.

In the final episode, he eventually succeeds. Kira forgives Artem and finds common ground with her father and older sister. The stories of other characters have positive clothing as well.



NATALIA BLOK, scriptwriter

2018-2019 – How’s Katya, feature film. Directed by Christina Tynkeyich. Screenwriter (co-written by Yuliia Honchar). Premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2022.

The film received a special mention from the Ciné+ Jury, and the main lead, Anastasia Karpenko, won the award for Best Actress!

2019 – Femen, feature film, biopic. Directed by Daria Zhuk. Screenwriter.

2018-2019 – On the Other Side, feature film. Directed by Iurii Leuta. Screenwriter.

2019 – Water, short film. Directed by Darya Volga. Screenwriter.

Lviv International Short Film Festival (2020), Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival (2020), and Ukrainian Film Festival in New Zealand (2022).

2019 – Tomorrow Comes Yesterday, feature film (Turkey). Directed by Kirsten Gainet. Screenwriter. 35th IMAGES Festival in Toronto (2022), and Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival in Portugal (2022).

2020 – FunnyLove (ФаніЛав), sitcom. Directed by Viktor Butok. Showrunner.

2020 – Award for Second Best Film Script (On the Other Side, feature film, drama) at the International Literary Competition Coronation of The Word.


Member of the Ukrainian Film Academy.

2022 – DEMONS (dir. N. Vorozhbyt), feature film, in production. Producer.

2021 – DON JUAN FROM ZHASHKIV (dir. V. Butok), feature film. Producer.

2021 – KINGS OF RAP (dir. M. Latyk), feature film. Producer.

2020 – THE INGLORIOUS SERFS (dir. R. Perfilyev). Producer.

2020 – BAD ROADS (dir. N. Vorozhbyt) feature film. Producer.

77th Venice International Film Festival, Verona Film Club Award for the most innovative film at the Venice International Film Critics’ Week. Awards for Opening of the Year, Best Actor and Best Actress at Kinokolo 2020, and the 2021 Ukrainian Film Academy Award for Opening of the Year.

2018 – HONORABLE LVIV LADY (dir. N. Pasenytska), short film. Producer.

6th Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival (Naples, Italy), the award for Best Cast.

2018 – MIA DONNA (dir. P. Ostrikov), short film. Producer.

Ukrainian Film Academy Award for Best Short Film (2019), the award for Best Short Film at the Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art (2018), the audience award.

2017 – GRADUATION ‘97 (dir. P. Ostrikov), short film. Producer.

Locarno International Film Festival, Junior Jury Awards, Switzerland, 8th Odesa IFF, the award for Best Short Film at the Molodist Kyiv IFF: Prologue, the award for Best Short Film in the national competition of the Leuven Short IFF.


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