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The list of projects of the Grant Program for script development from the Ukrainian Film Academy in cooperation with Netflix has been announced

Projects were selected for participation in the Grant Program for the development of scripts from the Ukrainian Film Academy in cooperation with Netflix. The initiative is designed to help Ukrainian artists in Ukraine and around the world who suffered or were displaced by the war, in order to continue and develop their work.


Each of the 48 teams of grantees consisting of a producer and a screenwriter will receive Grants in the amount of $15,000 for script development, as well as  the opportunity to join exclusive online sessions with international industry experts.

717 projects that passed technical selection were submitted for participation in the program. Of them, 157 are documentary projects, 190 are game series, and 370 are feature films.


  • "Azovstal", author of the script Oleg Sentsov, producer Denis Ivanov

  • "Antonivka" (working title), scriptwriter Kateryna Gornostay, producer Vika Khomenko

  • "Intervention", screenwriter Yevhen Tunik, producer Oleksiy Gladushevskyi

  • "For Victory!", author of the script Valentin Vasyanovych, producer Iya Myslitska

  • "The Golden Lion on Ivan Kupala", written by Daria Onishchenko, produced by Pylyp Illenko

  • "Odesa-Berlin", author of the script Pavlo Aryeh, producer Valery Kalmykov

  • "A special relationship", written by Antonio Lukich, produced by Anna Yatsenko

  • "Revenge", author of the script Andriy Donchyk, producer Yevgeny Dyachenko

  • "PTSD", script author Andriy Negreskul, producer Maksym Asadchiy

  • "Seven Returns Forever", author of the script Illenko Mykhailo, producer Myroslav Gai

  • "Tigrolovi", script author Anna Buryachkova, producer Nataliya Libet

  • "Tragedy", author of the script Pavlo Ostrikov, producer Anna Yatsenko

  • "Cherry blossom", author of the script, Marysia Nikityuk, producer, Solomiya Ilnytska

  • "Red on White", script author Iryna Gromozda, producer Olena Lavreniuk

  • "Ukraine is the capital of Great Britain", written by Antonina Noyabrova, produced by Danylo Kaptyukh

  • "I don't remember this war", script author Ihor Savichenko, producer Solomiya Ilnytska


  • "Aby day till evening", author of the script Oleg Zborovsky, producer Kateryna Vishnevska

  • "Boyarka", written by Olha Gibelinda, produced by Ivanna Khitsynska

  • "She woke up", author of the script Yevheniya Savichenko, producer Ivanna Dyadyura

  • "Ingigerda", scriptwriter Dmytro Kapranov, producer Olesya Nogina

  • "My heart is steel", script author Alina Semeryakova, producer Nataliya Strybuk

  • "Muholovka/Sun Diggers", script author Myroslav Latyk, producer Oksana Ivanyuk

  • "Unspoken", written by Zhanna Ozirna, produced by Dmytro Sukhanov

  • "Olga Kyivska", author of the script Valery Primost, producer Bella Terzi

  • "Train from Ukraine", author of the script Lilia Molodetska, producer Oksana Zadorozhna

  • "Guide", script author Oksana Artemenko, producer Olena  Yakovitska

  • "Untitled Project", script author Dmytro Kitsai, producer Yehor Olesov

  • "Revolution on Granite", author of the script Bazelinskyi Anton, producer Hrapko Galina

  • "Struny", script author Khachatur Vasilyan, producer Zlata Yefimenko

  • "Alchevsky's Secret", screenwriter Taras Dron, producer Nataliya Yakovleva

  • "Tina", script author Arkady Nepytalyuk, producer Olesya Lukyanenko

  • "Photo topless", author of the script Natalya Blok, producer Dmytro Minzyanov


  • "Amateur", screenwriter Nadiya Parfan, producer Ilya Gladshtein

  • "Eternal Hike", written by Irena Stetsenko, produced by Vitaly Sheremetyev

  • "Blessed", script author Andrii Lysetskyi, producer Gennadiy Kofman

  • "War in Chornobyl", script author Oleksiy Radinsky, producer Lyuba Knorozok

  • "Guests from Kharkiv", written by Galina Lavrynets, produced by Oleksandr Bratyshchenko

  • "Divya", author of the script Dmytro Greshko, producer Polina Herman

  • "Days that you want to forget", written by Alina Horlova, produced by Maksym Nakonechnyi

  • "Behind the scenes", script author Maryna Stepanska, producer Yuliya Sinkevich

  • "Iron Man (One day I want to see that you are happy)", screenwriter Maryna Nikolcheva, producer Oleksandra Kravchenko

  • "The End of Moscow", script author Maxim Bernadskyi, producer Yehor Olesov

  • "Ash that settles in a layer on the surface", author of the script Zoya Laktionova, producer Valeriya Sochivets"

  • "​Tykha Povin", written by Dmytro Suholytkyi-Sobchuk, produced by Kostyna Karina

  • "Ukraine is so far away", written by Darya Averchenko, produced by Roman Bondarchuk

  • "Fairway of Honor", script author Tribrat Yuliya, producer Nakonechny Maksym

  • "Fortetsya Mariupol", script author Yulia Hontaruk, producer Ivanna Khitsynska

  • "Front", script author Alisa Kovalenko, producer Valery Kalmykov

The projects were evaluated by a team of leading Ukrainian experts: Natalia Strybuk (producer), Olesya Lukyanenko (creative producer), Serhiy Zlenko (representative of Ukraine at Eurimages), Alik Shpylyuk (film expert, art director of the Ukrainian Film Academy), Oleksiy Gladushevsky (producer, screenwriter) , Serhii Bukovsky (documentary artist), Daria Bassel (producer, director of the Docudays UA industrial platform), Alina Horlova (director, screenwriter) and Gennadiy Kofman (producer, member of the Board and Selection Board of Docudays UA).


In the fall, grantees are invited to online sessions with leading international industry experts. Each of the events will be devoted to a separate topic, including the evolution of television genres, storytelling in non-fiction series, pitching a feature-length and TV film, as well as how to create attractive characters. Online sessions will be hosted by UCLA film faculty Alex Franklin, screenwriter Barbara Nance, Netflix International Originals Christopher Mack, television critic David Bianculli, executive producer and television coach Joe Wolfe, and there will be two special conversation sessions with the creators of the award-winning documentary " For Sama", directed by Waad Al-Kateb and Edward Watts, and with the authors of the Polish Netflix series "High Water" - Anna Kepinski (producer) and Kasper Bayon (screenwriter).


The initiative is supported by the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity, a global fund launched in early 2021 that aims to create more opportunities for people from underrepresented or marginalized communities to have their voices heard.


Please note that Netflix does not have access to and did not participate in any evaluation of materials submitted for participation in the Program, and does not assume any obligations regarding the projects that participate in the Program.




The Ukrainian Film Academy is a Ukrainian association of experts and professionals in the field of cinema and film production. It was founded in 2016 to support and develop modern Ukrainian cinema. As of 2022, the Ukrainian Film Academy has more than 450 film professionals. Since 2017, the Ukrainian Film Academy has been holding a prestigious annual event - "Golden Dzyga" - the national film award of Ukraine, which is awarded for professional achievements in the development of Ukrainian cinema. The main symbol of the National Film Award is the "Golden Dzyga" statuette, which symbolizes the rapid and unceasing development of Ukrainian cinema.


Netflix is a world leader among entertainment content streaming services. Already 221 million users with paid subscriptions in more than 190 countries watch TV series, documentaries and feature films, as well as download games of various genres in various languages. Subscribers can watch unlimited videos anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection. You can start, pause and continue viewing at any time - and all this without advertising and obligations.

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